"Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us…" -Ephesians 5:1-2
Union Meeting

Ordination of Deacons Joe Anderson and Brian Dixon

Our Pastor, Elder Jonathan Cook, then began the ordination proceeding by establishing a Presbytery for this purpose. Elder Daryl Hand was designated as Clerk of the Presbytery, Elder Lawrence was assigned as the Examiner of the church and the candidates, Elder Hand was assigned to lead the ordination prayer, and Elder Lawrence was assigned to deliver the Charge.

Elder Cook then requested that the designated Church Spokesman, Brother Sandy Santiago, deliver Brothers Dixon and Anderson to the Presbytery.

Elder Lawrence was then called upon to begin the examination process. Brother Santiago, as Church Spokesperson, was fully questioned as to the qualifications of Bothers Dixon and Anderson in accordance with the provisions of Acts Chapter 6 as well as those of 1st Timothy Chapter 3 regarding the office of Deacon. Next, both candidates were examined extensively on their beliefs regarding the doctrines and practices of the Primitive Baptist Church by Elder Lawrence. All other Elders were subsequently provided with an opportunity to ask any additional questions of the candidates.

Upon the completion of the examination, Elder Cook asked if the Presbytery was satisfied with moving forward with the laying on of hands. All Elders responded in the affirmative, and as all kneeled and laid hands upon Brothers Dixon and Anderson, Elder Hand delivered the ordination prayer.

Having been ordained as Deacons, Brother Dixon and Anderson were joined by Sister Hazel Anderson (Sister Angela Dixon was not well enough to attend) to receive their charge. Elders Lawrence and Cook delivered the charge to these newly ordained Deacons and their wives.

The Presbytery, having completed its work, voted to be dissolved and then the newly ordained Deacons were returned to the church.

As all came forward to extend the hand of fellowship to these two new Deacons, we sang How Firm A Foundation. Elder Jonathan Cook then closed the services in prayer.

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